Foil drive/foil assist etiquette

KEY POINT -  While riding with a foil assist never interfere with someone elses ride. NON-ASSISTED CRAFT SHOULD ALWAYS HAVE PRIORITY.

1. When learning, take yourself off to a quiet beach with no surfers around. The sight of someone kangaroo hopping around other water users is likely to raise a few eyebrows brows at the very least.

2. Avoid crowded lineups, in fact just don’t do it, never take your foil drive into the middle of a packed surf zone. No need, you have the cheat code.

3. If foil driving on a surfing beach, stay clear of the lineup, even if it’s just other foilers. The beauty of FD is you can take off on lumps of swell way out the back, by the time you get near the lineup you’ve had a pretty good run.

4. Pull off before you get close to the lineup or ideally find some space further down the beach away from others.  

In short, never interfere with someone elses ride. Non-assisted craft should always have priority.

5. Try to keep your motor pod under the water as much as possible when near others. The sight of someone foiling around endlessly can be annoying enough for others, add to that the noise of the prop coming in out of the water and it starts to become a nuisance. This comes with practice so links to number 1 in part - stay away from others until you’re more proficient.

6. Wear a leash and preferably a thicker one than normal - with the extra weight of FD you may find your regular leash will not be up to the job. 

7. Be friendly, take time off foil to chat to others especially if you feel the atmosphere is a bit tense. Resentment is easily created but can equally easily be dissolved with a quick friendly chat. Reassure them you’re not out to steal their waves.

8. Remember we’re foilers from an awesome community that is open, friendly and share a stoke that crosses all continents. The assist world is here to stay and looks set to grow in the coming years. It's an awesome new discipline and opens up yet another level to this amazing sport of foiling.  Respect other ocean users, follow these guidelines to safeguard the assist discipline and foiling as a whole. 

We’ve made huge efforts over the years with the KFC to keep councils, harbour masters and lifeguards on side. Let’s not allow this new discipline give them the opportunity to stop us, a ban is only one unanimous decision away.