Foiling Cornwall's finest dribble since 2018

kernow foil crew

Established in 2018, the Kernow Foil Crew (KFC) started out as a handful of guys on the north Coast of Cornwall on their own journeys trying to figure out how this foiling malarky worked. We'd seen the videos, had the gear but absolutley no idea! 

We came together by accident with the common goal of learning to foil, pooling together our collective but limited knowledge to eventually tame the foils and learn to fly above water. 

As our flights grew, so did the group and we are now a crew of just over 30 guys (and some girls) keen to progress the sport further but in a safe and controlled way.

As a relatively new sport, foiling is still bedding in, and it's no secret that some quake in fear at the sight of a foiler flying across the water with a large carbon 'blade' underneath. It's actually safer than perceived, and despite it's growing popularity across the world there have been very few major incidents reported. However, we're keen to safeguard this amazing sport and take safety and foil etiquette very seriously. As a result, we've devised our own guidelines for all those entering the water on these shores with a foil. >>